Hossam Fouda head of Egyptian council for workers and peasants is calling all EU Ambassadors to unite with Egyptian Citizens l;eaded by President Sissy against conspiracies .
Hossam Fouda head of Egyptian council for workers and peasants has followed with great interest the visits to Egypt by foreign Ministers and Residents Ambassadors in Egypt since January 25th.He states I follow with great interest the visit conducted by H E Ambassador of UK in Egypt that comprises a number of Egyptian governorates and Egyptian Cities within the last period, and expressed his love to Egypt on Tweeter on 31st of July 2016. He emphasizes that Kadoura restaurant where he and his friends share a photo there.
This is n the the 1st time he initiates such a visit. But he starts from Asyut in Upper Egypt on June 5th 2016. He praises his visit and disseminates photos with children in NGO where he praises their intelligence and their associated to Education.
I follow that his excellency is moving without guards, and sometimes with small numbers. He confirmed that United kingdom is boosting the students of Assiut university and some non organized areas described by European Media as non secured. I don t understand how HE planned the visit uin such noon secured area . Kassen is moving around Egypt safely without terror . While Europ[ean countries announce that Egypt isn t safe and planted with terrorism .After the success of revolution of 30th of June, a lot of warnings has ouytburst from Europe outburst that Egypt isn t safe trying to show thAT WHAT HAPPENED ISN T EEVOLUTION lution and it is a way to get the get rid of Muslim Brothers .
This has obliged mehala spning workesr refuse the Holland ambassador in Cairo. On Octyober 10th 2013. They accuse him to work against Egypt and accused him that he and his colleague that warn their citizens to visit Egypt.
There is a warning for Italian to travel to Egypt that is shocking especially that Italian-Egyptian relations are very good, and the Italian people used to visit our country and knows very well the Security position experienced by the Egyptian people after the revolution of June 30, but the decision to caution was due to the death of a young Italian Giulio Regini, who was studying at the American University.
Although Lucio Barani’s comments, the majority leader of parliament’s Italian, which he asserted that the Egyptian government was not involved and is not a party to the killing of Reginy, and injustice that suffered 90 million Egyptian to death, and it is not fair to deprive 70 million Italians from the possibility of cultural, economic and political friendship with Egypt , but the Italian government did not raise this caution yet. He explained, “Barani”, in his interview with Ahmed Musa, that the Italian government is considering the same way, but the means of social communication and the enemies of Egypt and Italy through the Internet and the network continue to corrupt the true and mutilation, and hindering a solution to the conflict, in order to clash diplomat between the two countries, stressing that The Egyptian government is innocent and is not involved in something and did everything to reach the truth. Barani noted that the Italian president has his opponents as well as Sisi, as they are known, and are continuing to ignite the issue Reginy instead of autism to get to the truth. To further emphasize that Egypt is safe ambassadors of the four foreign countries are “Brazil, Argentina, Panama and Finland” Islamic palace incoming center village of New Valley Governorate “visited on February 5, 2016, and inspected during archaeological sights. Accompanied by the ambassadors during the visit, Mr. Mahmoud, head of the city within the center of a large number of security leaders, said Prime Dakhla Center the visit of the ambassadors of the four countries broadcast a message of reassurance for all countries of the world and works to improve the mental image among foreign tourists, especially those that prohibit the travel of its nationals to Egypt, and deliver the true model about Egypt as the security and stability of the country. on this issue, he said Hossam Foda, head of the Egyptian Council for the workers, peasants and women’s Ambassador England wandering in all the governorates of Egypt unguarded unfortunately not reflected it positively to Egypt, pointing out that what he is doing Ambassador in Egypt appeared to contradict official positions and the British press.
Fouda said the English ambassador knows well The fact of the Egyptian economy, though the Economist is thought-provoking President Sisi and the Egyptian economy, pointing out that the ambassador to England if he is a real lover to our country and not actual conspirator he has to travel the European Union and explain the nature of the Egyptian economic situation and the respect to foreigners in Egypt.
nd when to make sure he does this role as ambassador us abroad, and we’ll build a statue of him in the streets of Egypt. Hossam the head of the Egyptian Council for the workers, peasants and women is asking how the British ambassador and the ambassadors of European countries in this field visits are unguarded, if Egypt is not safe?
Fouda said in his press statements that the European countries warn its citizens against traveling to the provinces of Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh and Luxor and Aswan . Although it is safe and uninhabited by large number of the population, while its ambassadors visited the Egyptian governorates that are over populated?????????????`