Dr. Hussam Fouda, head of the Egyptian Council for the rights of workers, peasants, women said in his speech during the press conference organized by the parties “Liberal – Democratic Union – Socialist Arab” with the participation of the Egyptian Council for the rights of workers, peasants, women told a news conference Hotel “Swiss” Erdogan imam


Terrorism in the world and heir Necmettin Erbakan does not care about Islam or virtue or good deed, but it is important for Erdogan is the “Erdogan” himself, he said, “Turkey’s permanent president to interfere in Arab affairs to complement the colonial scheme Zionist US is the biggest evidence of that Marmara ship, which went to deliver aid to Gaza Israel, however, the Turks killed aboard the vessel Nevertheless not cut the relations between Turkey and Israel, because the relations between Erdogan and Israel is more important than the Turkish people, who shed his blood did the European Union deplores the bloody events in order to complete their plan to divide the Middle East. ”


Completed Fouda, “Erdogan assets Muslim Brotherhood and that diplomatic and security and trade relations between Israel and Turkey has become more powerful in the era of Erdogan and he is playing against Arabs and Muslims, and Turkey experienced at the hands of Erdogan of violent events had happened in Egypt, the world was turned upside down,” denouncing what he had done Erdogan erosion of his army in front of the whole world, saying “crimes of blood from the killed and dragged through the capture and bloodshed and dismissal of staff and the displacement of families without moving human rights offices to condemn Erdogan Ktarth,” adding, “if what he did Erdogan happened in Egypt to move the world to condemn this means that what he is doing Erdogan obtaining the American Zionist plan satisfaction. ”

He asked Fouda where human rights centers in Egypt from these events unfortunately half of them silent and the other financier stands with Erdogan against the Turkish people, stressing that Erdogan financier for al Qaeda and Daash to destroy all the nations that attack Israel, stressing that the young man who stood in front of the Turkish tank on the first day of the coup, and appeared in all media media was Moroccan nationality and this is evidence of parking Aldoaash hand in hand with Erdogan, pointing out that President al-Sisi warned Europe of transmission Aldoaash them, adding “I do not Thelomn but yourselves.”


“Fouda has asked ” with a number of demands included the need to cut ties with the government of the Turkish state, not the people and stop tourist Egyptians trips to Turkey and the District of Industrial Products Turkish urged the Foreign Ministry to address the European Union not to include Erdogan European Union of violating human rights and address the Security Council to deliver Turkey all wanted Brotherhood pending court rulings, appealing to television and SIS allocate channel Egyptian speak a Turkic language to enlighten the Turkish people, the fact situation.

Chairman of the Egyptian Council for the workers, peasants and women of the Egyptian people, as he warned, “Beware that returned Brotherhood, the behavior is the bloodshed will be the killing of the Egyptian people with all chilled”


The press conference was attended by both Dr. Maha Al-Sharif, Vice Chairman of the Liberal Party and head of the Economic Committee of the Board and Coordinator General of the Conference and the Republican Future Movement against violence and terrorism and praised Najib head of the Liberal Party and the architect Hassan left the head of the Democratic Union Party and the sole Uqsuri head of the Arab Socialist Party and Dr. Hossam Fouda chairman of the Egyptian Council for the rights of workers, peasants, women and heads of Egyptian parties and Tharwat Kherbawi and Star buck for North Korea’s embassy and representatives from the embassies of Libya, Syria and Algrac Paul Raphael national Party of Egypt.


It is noteworthy that the conference dealt with the achievements of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in the light of the mega-projects that are completed and the other has been completed on the ground, as well as to emphasize the rejection of interventions Turkish leadership Aldaashah in Arab affairs, including “Syria and Iraq,” and as well as attempts to interfere in Egypt, considering that Turkey’s state sponsor terrorism and Daash and all extremist groups.